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Window Film controls the excessive heat and glare from the sun.  Energy costs are significantly reduced.  Building aesthetics are greatly improved, improving looks and privacy.

As the sun shines on a building solar heat gain increases dramatically.  The sunny side of a building becomes unbearably hot causing vast temperature imbalances.  Air conditioning units must work so much harder to control this temperature increase with subsequent increase in costs and carbon emissions.

Solar film when fitted to your existing glass rejects up to 80% of this heat offering significant savings in air conditioning costs. Not only does the film work in the summer it also works in the winter by
reflecting heat back into the room, allowing you to save on winter fuel bills.

Virtually undetectable when installed onto glass solar film will reject up to 80% of heat,  reduce unwanted glare, uncomfortable hotspots and uneven temperature zones.  When installed you will feel the difference immediately.

Reject up to 85% of the sun’ heat

Works in summer and winter

Reject up to 95% of the sun’s glare

Direct sunlight on your windows cause annoying glare problems. Computer screens are difficult to see and the working environment becomes unbearable. Working at a computer can be a real headache. With the correct anti glare film installed up to 94% of the annoying glare can be filtered out.  This creates a more comfortable working
environment reducing the glare without cutting out the light or the view.

“Reject up to 80% of the sun’s heat and up to 94% of the sun’s glare. Reduce energy costs by up to 25%”

Reject up 
To 80% of 
The sun’s heat Winter
Save up to
25% of heat 
loss through