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Reject up to 80% of the sun’s heat
Reject up to 94% of the sun’s glare
Helps prevent fading of furniture &fittings

Conservatories provide a valuable addition to any home or commercial property.  However they can cause considerable problems to any owner with their usual expanse of glass.  HEAT GAIN, FADING, PRIVACY, SAFETY AND SECURITY are all common problems.
SupaTINT supply many films which are able to combat any one or all of the above.

Coolkote or solar control films can reject up to 80% of the sun's heat and stop up to 94% of glare giving a much cooler environment allowing you to use your conservatory as you hoped and intended.

Specialised anti glare film or Coolkote when applied to a conservatory roof can reduce annoying glare by up to 94%.

Conservatory Film

Specialised Solar Control Films

Specially developed anti-fade and museum films reject over 99% of harmful ultra violet light, the most important factor in fading.  These films, as used by The National Trust and leading Museums and Galleries, are your best defence against deterioration of furniture, fittings, curtains etc.
They are used extensively in museums, art galleries and historic homes offering the
highest degree of protection from the damaging sun.  Ultraviolet penetration is less than 1%.

Available in clear, tinted or solar versions we have a film that can satisfy the most demanding of situations.

“Coolkote the ideal coating for plastic and polycarbonate conservatory roofs”

Stops the glare and heat