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Local Authorities

Local Authorities have many buildings with numerous problems caused by existing glass.  We have 30 years experience in solving these problems.  Whether the requirement is to stop the sun’s heat, reduce glare, increase security or maintain privacy we have a window film or blind that achieves it.

“Stops the heat and glare and  maintains your privacy day or night.”

Specialised Solar and  Control Films

We have developed a unique range of films and blinds for every application in an office or working environment.
Solar control films for offices to reduce excessive heat.  Privacy films allowing privacy and discretion both day and night. Manifestation and patterned films to enhance or identify glass.  Corporate designs are easily incorporated to any film.
We have a comprehensive range of roller and vertical blinds for ward and office applications to maintain privacy or glare control.
Keep rooms cool
Reject up to 80% of the sun's heat.
Stop the annoying glare on computers
Reduce glare by up to 94%.
Make changing and treatment rooms private
Prevent anyone seeing into a private area by fitting privacy or frosted film to give daytime or night-time privacy.
Make existing glass safe
Safety film upgrades existing glass holding it in place if broken.  EEC mandatory directive on certain low level glass.
Keep the thief or burglar out
Security film applied to stop the burglar.

Keep valuable items out of sight (computers and laptops)
Privacy film allows you to see out and others not to see in.
Identify glass panels to make them safe
Manifestation designed as a Council logo, dots, squares or bands helps prevent collision with glass panels and doors.  This is a mandatory requirement for certain glass panels and doors.
Reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint
Special energy savings films can reduce your energy costs up to 25%.
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