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Current regulations now state that it is mandatory to identify large panes of glass.

In commercial premises with large areas of glass and doors manifestation is required to prevent collision.
Manifestation with window film takes the form of a simple band or row of dots, squares or any other shape utilising your company logo or bespoke design using a coloured, frosted or sand-blasted effect vinyl film.  We use the latest computer software and cutting facilities to ensure that your requirements are met accurately.  The most popular material for manifestation is a frost
or dusted frost window film.   A wide range of coloured vinyl is available to match corporate colours.  All films achieve the
exact look you need at a fraction of the cost of replacing glass. Should you ever wish to change the design, this is easily achieved without having to change the glass.

Manifestation Film

Dots and squares for a quick solution

“Complies with  regulations to help prevent people walking into glass panels”

Regulation Guidelines for Manifestation          

Large areas of transparent glazing used to sub-divide a building which may not be visible under certain conditions, may require manifestation to prevent a collision and possible harm. If the presence of such glazing is not showed by mullions, transoms, door frames, door handles, stall risers or other components, it must be made apparent by some form of manifestation.
This manifestation must be of sufficient size and regularity to make it immediately obvious. It can take the form of broken or solid lines, patterns or company logo, positioned at 1500 mm from finished floor level.

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