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Solar Control and Anti Glare Film

Virtually undetectable when installed onto glass solar film will reject up to 80% of heat, reduce unwanted glare, uncomfortable hotspots and uneven temperature zones.  When installed you will feel the difference immediately.

Privacy Film

If you would like to see out while others cannot see in SupaTINT film can help.  One way reflective films provide daytime privacy allowing you to see out and prevent others seeing in.  This allows you to keep a discreet eye on unwelcome visitors to your factory, shop, office, home or car.  Your view out is virtually unimpaired.

Safety & Security Film

Clear safety film applied to your existing glass is designed to hold shattered glass in place when broken.  Approved to the relevant European (EN), British (BS) and American (ANSI) standards you can be assured of a film to the highest of standards. Films are available in a wide variety of thickness to cover every requirement from personal protection, burglary, vandalism to bomb blast protection.

Energy Saving Film

The sunny side of a building becomes unbearably hot causing vast temperature imbalances.  Air conditioning units must work so much harder to control this temperature increase with subsequent increase in costs and carbon emissions.  Special Low E Films can save up to 25% of heat loss.

Anti Fade & Museum Film

Conservatory Film

Coolkote or solar control films can reject up to 80% of the sun's heat and up to 95% of glare creating a much cooler environment allowing you to use your conservatory as you had hoped and intended.

Graphics & Manifestation Films

From a simple or complex logo through to all types of signs we have a complete range of vinyl or frosted effect film which can be used on signs, doors or glass.  Full range of frosted film for bespoke designs and manifestation.

Auto Film

Protect  your vehicle with automotive window film.  Autotint provides the comfort, style and solar protection that keeps you driving cooler and your vehicle looking great.

Specially developed anti-fade and museum films reject over 99% of harmful ultra violet light, the most important factor in fading.  These films, as used by The National Trust and leading Museums and Galleries, are your best defence against deterioration of furniture, fittings, curtains etc.

They are virtually undetectable once installed.

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